About Us

Being a pumping mom is tough, finding a stylish bag to hold your wearable pumps shouldn't be harder!

Sure there are plenty of utility-first pumping bags out there, but when it came to attending a social event or getting time away to feel like yourself again, the options are limited.

So, we created a line of style-first yet functional handbags that help you reclaim a little bit more of YOU. Crafted with design in mind, Carthan features a discreet insulated section that with the help of a slim ice pack, keeps your items cool, and you looking hot!

Whether it's a girls night, date night, a wedding, a live show, or simply everyday, Carthan gives you agency over your look without having to carry a large unattractive cooler bag that screamed “PUMPING BAG!”

But Carthan is not just for our pumping friends! When we were developing our bags, we realized that our solution supports anyone who needs to carry medications, snacks, cold drinks or anything else they want to keep cool while out and about.

Our mission is simple: to create attractive handbags that discreetly, yet effectively insulate your most vital products, without the whole world knowing.